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New Patient Partner Programme- A move towards personalised rehabilitation

A new programme offered by QLLC for Hip and Knee Replacement Patients.

Queensland Lower Limb Clinic is offering all eligible Bupa, HCF, NIB and AHSA fund members who are scheduled for knee or hip replacement surgery, a dedicated Patient Partner to design and deliver a rehab program personally tailored for you in your own home, at no additional cost. The Patient Partner pathway is prescribed by Dr Hazratwala, and allows your progress after your surgery to be monitored.

A rehabilitation and recovery program can play a crucial role in helping you get back on your feet after surgery. However, this recovery does not always need to occur in hospital. Clinical trials have found that people who’ve had uncomplicated knee or hip replacement surgery can recover their mobility just as well at home with a supervised rehabilitation program as they would in hospital.

As part of the program, you will receive physiotherapy sessions, and access to a specially designed digital application that provides you with videos, resources and exercises, and monitors your progress.

The primary goal of the program is to provide you with the opportunity of undergoing rehab in the comfort and convenience of your own home, with the appropriate level of support.

Support is individualised and tailored to meet your needs and goals. The program is enabled by technology. If you participate in the program you will receive:

  • Physiotherapy sessions delivered face-to-face, over the phone or via video conference
  • Appointment scheduling and coordination with your Patient Partner team
  • Ongoing monitoring of your progress by your Patient Partner and escalation to your surgeon if necessary
  • An iPad with access to the Patient Partner application (on loan during the course of your active rehab period)
  • A wearable activity tracker
  • Knee brace and/or ice packs
  • Online videos, tools and resources

Caitlin Thompson is Dr Hazratwala's patient partner. Caitlin is a motivated physiotherapist who has experience with post operative orthopaedic care. Caitlin was the Team Leader for in-patient Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at the Mater Hospital in Townsville. Caitlin is a local graduate from James Cook University and particular interest in Musculo-Skeletal Physiotherapy. Caitlin is available for queries and questions before , during and after your hospital stay.

Caitin in conjunction with Dr Hazratwala and Alicia Harris (Clinical Nurse Specialist) will make sure that your recovery is pain free and personalised to your individual goals. Our aim is to return you to your desired level of function as quickly as possible.

Remember - Having a Hip or Knee replaced so that you obtain a better quality of life, back in your environment. The quicker you get back to your environment - the earlier and better your recovery is. The best place for recovery is your own home.

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